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AJ Richards, Ph. D.
Private physics tutor

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Why choose AJR Physics Tutoring?

Content Expertise

  • Ph. D. in physics from Rutgers University, specializing in physics education
  • Published author of peer-reviewed scientific papers on how students learn and how to teach physics
  • Prior research experience in particle physics @ CERN

Teaching Excellence

  • Tenured physics professor at The College of New Jersey
  • Over 15 years' experience teaching and tutoring in multiple subjects
  • Teaching techniques that result in true comprehension, not just memorizing answers
  • Award-winning physics instructor


  • In-person and online video appointments available
  • Flexible scheduling so you know that you can get help when you need it
  • Easy online payment means no need to mail checks

I am passionate about helping others understand and appreciate the subject I love, physics. My background combines physics content expertise with a decade of intensive research into how students learn physics and how it can be taught in the most effective way. This means I use the latest research-validated teaching techniques that result in real physics comprehension.

When selecting a tutor for your child, why should you have to choose between a physics content expert and an outstanding educator? When you work with AJR Physics Tutoring, you get both!

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